Damp Proofing.

Are you having problems with rising damp? We offer damp proofing and timber treatment services throughout Norfolk and Suffolk.

Our staff of highly-skilled, experienced, and professional employees, who follow stringent safety guidelines while carrying out meticulous repair work,

Our work adheres to the mandatory COSHH requirements at all times.

We have a complete range of proofing solutions that are not only effective but are done at no risk whatsoever to our client’s property or to the surrounding environment. We only use products of the highest quality and safety standards that are approved by the industry.

All work performed by us is strictly managed and coordinated.

Our services are available to private Homeowners, Builders, Architects, Landlords, Estate and Letting agents.

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  • Damp Proofing Burnham Market, Great Yarmouth, Watton, Dereham, Kings Lynn.
  • Damp Proofing Fakenham, Swaffham, North Walsham, Thetford, Sheringham, Cromer

What is damp proofing and why for you is it important ?

Proofing for Damp is any material included in your property’s structure that is designed with the purpose of keeping moisture out. Damp Proof is quite different from waterproofing.

Protection against damp is achieved usually through the use of a damp proof course or membrane, which prevents the spread of moisture through walls by capillary action. Cavity walls are an alternative way of achieving damp proofing. Cavity walls are where the interior walls are separated from the outside walls by an air gap, the outside wall acts as a barrier to rainwater and the cavity itself helps prevent condensation.

This Proofing against dampness is essential because a damp home gives rise to aesthetic, structural and even health problems. For example, black mould that grows freely in moist environments and its spores can both directly affect your health and make you more susceptible to colds and flu. Not only are the effects of damp unsightly, but they also compromise your property’s structural integrity and reduce its value.

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Damp Proofing in Norwich, Norfrolk and Suffolk. Damp treatment experts

Damp proofing Norwich, Norfolk and Suffolk Triton approved contractorHere’s what we do…

We offer professional consultation on the following damp proofing services in Norwich and Norfolk:

We also provide a detailed basement waterproofing system design and installation which includes the design and implementation of cavity drainage systems and sump and pump systems.

Call us if you have a problem with condensation as our home dry ventilation system could be the solution that you are looking for.