Woodworm Treatment.

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Woodworm Infestation.

Woodworms refer to the beetles that cause an infestation in the woodwork. Among the woodworms, the Common Furniture Beetle attacks softwoods, Death Watch Beetle infests oaks and the Wood Boring Weevil attacks timbers that have dampness in them. These timbers are generally located in cellars.

You need an experienced surveyor to identify which species as treatments are specific to individual beetle types.

Which Woodworm treatment?

For woodworm treatment, our qualified staff carry out extensive chemical treatment and our carpenters can replace the woodwork or do repairs wherever necessary. We treat a Woodworm infestation of timber by applying a particular spray on the structural timbers such as floorboards, roof timbers as well as on the timber used in staircases.

Spraying for woodworm treatment in Norwich


 woodworm treatment in Norwich Norfolk and Suffolk. call us now
 woodworm treatment in Norwich Norfolk and Suffolk. call us now

Severe Infestation

If the infestation is really quite severe, we use penetrative pastes or gel. Most importantly, the infestation causes some of the timbers used in the house to lose their structural strength and integrity. This makes them really quite unsafe, which is why we completely replace such timbers.


Woodworm can spread quickly and cause structural and cosmetic damage if it isn’t treated quickly.

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What is Woodworm And Timber Infestation?

Woodworm is the generic term referring to a variety of species of wood-boring insects. The insects lay their eggs on wood, and their larvae bore through the timber, weakening and damaging the structure. The larvae then pupate before they become adult beetles, then flying off to lay eggs on other timber.

It is these adult boring insects that leave the tell-tale flight holes and dust – mainly the first signs of a woodworm problem. A common wood-boring insect infesting timbers in buildings in the U.K is the Common Furniture Beetle . The adult beetle is around 3mm long and dull brown in colour.

The flight holes are circular and approximately 2mm in diameter. Early identification of woodworm infestation means that treatment with insecticide will bring the life cycle to an end. It also prevents re-infestation. Any heavily infested and unsound timber will require to be replaced with new treated timber.

Other Woodworm beetles found in the U.K include: Death Watch beetle, House Longhorn Beetle, Wood-Boring Weevil, Bark Borer Woodworm,

False Powder-Post Beetle and as seen below the Common Furniture Beetle.

wood worm treatment for common furniture beetle and other woodworm

Dry Rot and Wet Rot Treatments.

Dry rot and wet rot infestations are really quite severe and there is often no choice but to replace the affected timber completely. Our technicians identify the source of the dampness and get it eliminated. Our technicians would then strip the adjoining plaster work, treat the mycelium that grows through the masonry and then have the masonry chemically sterilized.

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